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King Kong News and items-What's new in Kong Land


NEW KONG SIGHTING PHOTO 04-08-2003-Send your Kong sighting photos to and I'll post it!


03/30/2003- King Kong celebrates his 70th birthday !

06/2001-FOX KIDS negins showing -Kong -The animated series on Saturdays at 11:30 A.M.. It is animated in the Philipines and has incomprehensible stories. Check out the link on Fox's homepage here    Kong-The animated series

6/19/2001-MR Boffo cartoon from the Boston Globe

mr boffo.jpg (15000 bytes)

3/24/2001-TV Guide names King Kong atop the Empire State Building the Fourth Greatest Movie Moment("The 50 greatest Movie Moments of all time" TV Guide March 24-30 issue 

3/17/2001 King Kong article by Michael Enright from TIME(magazine).COM-Very entertaining-Special thanks to Clay Badger for submitting this one

3/11/2001-king Kong Parody ad for Building 19

buil19.jpg (330533 bytes)

03/02/2001-Boston Globe

kongcomic2.jpg (11568 bytes)

2/19/2001-Boston Globe

kongcomic.jpg (54073 bytes)

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