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King Kong Model images page


What can I say about Clay Badger. He is an award winning artist who did most of the kits for me that you see on this page. He is gifted with a unique skill to take nothing and make a museum quality peice from it. Most of these kits were missing pieces. In the case of the dioramas, he worked with nothing at all. If you are inerested in his services contact him at

You will not be dissapointed!

WARNING: These pages take a long time to load. I did not want to skimp on quality so please be patient. It is worth it.

Here are some photos of the GEOMETRIC KING KONG kit built up by award winning artist-CLAY BADGER

Kong w/Fay Wray in Skull Mountain lair

Kong Vs. Allosaurus!

Kong VS. Pteradactyl!

The Allosaurus and Pteradactyl were purchased from a man who sells  stop motion type models based on Deldgado's designs through an ad in PREHISTORIC TIMES magazine

This is the TSUKUDA KING KONG incredibly built up again by award winning artist CLAY BADGER (he's amazing)

Kong w/Fay Wray

Kong w/Other Tsukuda Kits

Clay added realistic fur and actually built up the dental work from scratch!

Bill Jones Section

Here is a section on Bill Jones. Everyone who knows kong knows Bill Jones. He is a very talented artist who is in the process of building up 3 King Kong kits as I write this!!.I'll post pictures as they are available. His Kong through the gates diorama is not to be missed. Bill has a HUGE website that spotlights his ability to bring to life any model kit! Check it out here and e-mail him! You won't be disappointed.-ATTACK OF THE MONSTER GARAGE KITS

His artistic services are also available at

Bill Jones King Kong Dioramas !

My Diorama section!

Clay Badger is a very talented guy! I asked him if he could build the wall and altar diorama from KING KONG as well as the classic EMPIRE STATE BUILDING Finale in a Diorama. He got all excited and went right to work.

Kong sees Faye for the first time!!


Various great artists

If you see your kit here please e-mail me so that I may give you deserved credit for it.   All these artists are incredibly talented.

Here is a comprehensive list with photos of just about every Kong kit out there!! It's a great resource for model builders and Kong lovers.

Great and rare Kong kits..These are some talented Artists!!

Various other Kong Models some RARE!

Monsters in Motion selection


Email any questions or comments